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Common menopause myths

The number of negative stories and jokes that you’ve heard about menopause may have you dreading this time in your life. But alas, some of the fears you have may be totally unwarranted and completely false!

Read about some of the most common menopause myths below to see if there are a few ideas you have about menopause that are truly – as mythological as a sparkly purple unicorn!

Menopause begins at 50

Anyone claiming to know the exact age when menopause begins is just as crazy as the stories about women going through menopause. The exact age a woman gets to menopause is different for every woman. In reality, menopause can start anywhere from your thirties to your sixties.

Experiencing the symptoms of menopause are the primary indications that you are closing in on the change of life, and once your period has ceased for a full 12 months, you know you are officially there.

Weight gain is Inevitable During Menopause

While the body will battle additional hormones, and aging to a menopause-related-age in the first place are both elements that can encourage weight gain – there is no reason that you can’t combat these factors. With proper diet and exercise you can absolutely avoid weight gain during perimenopause or menopause.

The older you are when you get your period; the older you will be at the onset of menopause.

This fallacy is not the case and actually, for most women the opposite is true. If you got your period at a later stage in life, the probability is quite high that you will get to menopause quite early.

Remember though, this is just the case with most women rather than a fact cast in stone. Many other factors will come together to determine the exact time menopause will begin for you.

Other factors that can play a role in determining exactly when you will experience menopause include: smoking, drinking, pregnancy and much more.

Menopause only causes physical symptoms

Menopause causes more than physical symptoms with the most evident being mood swings. The change in hormonal levels can lead many women to feel irritable, anxious and even depressed. The mood swings can lead a woman to do things that she would not have done in another stage of her life. It is, therefore, important to get help especially if the mood swings hit extreme levels.

…At the same time, try to take this particular symptom in stride. For example, while you’re trying different moods on for size, see if any of those moods are up for traveling to new places, trying new foods – or salsa dancing! Who’s to say you can’t maneuver a mood swing into a fierce and bold new hobby you wouldn’t have had the nerve or gumption to try before!

No more sex after menopause

While yes, decreased libido and vaginal dryness can be characteristics of menopause, sex can still be enjoyable...just think of this as time to shake things up again!

…Remember back when you were in your late teens, early 20’s packed with raging hormones – well just think, your hormones are raging all over again…And yes, while this bout of hormones causes hot flashes – this doesn’t mean you can’t keep it HOT between you and your partner in other ways!

…Change things up, try some new moves, check out the lubrication isle (you may just be surprised at what’s available!) and by all means – use this as an excuse to work additional romance into your relationship. You may find that it’s not necessarily a bad thing that your body is making you re-focus on your love life, and work for it a bit more!

The above are just a few of the most common myths related to menopause. Remember to check back frequently for additional menopause-related tips, tricks and information and  sign up for our newsletter here for additional updates...As always, our goal is to make sure you don’t have to PAUSE for Menopause!