Nanopause FAQs

Nanopause Frequently Asked Questions

How does Nanopause work?

Nanopause is a natural solution that works with your sympathetic nervous system to gently pull heat away from your body. Calming and cooling the body provides relief to the more common menopausal symptoms: hot flashes, night sweats, sweating/flushing of the face and neck and sleeplessness.

What are the specific menopausal symptoms Nanopause was designed to help?

Immediate cooling (absorbing excessive heat) and cessation of sweating/flushing of the face and neck, hot flashes and night sweats.

How often should I wear my Nanopause bolero?

We recommend wearing the bolero twice daily, once in the morning preferably at breakfast and again in the evening. In the beginning, if needed, wear it more often. Some women may choose to take the bolero with them to work, storing it in the freezer or a cooler, to help mitigate unexpected symptoms.

How quickly will I experience relief?

When you put the Nanopause bolero on, you will immediately feel cooling relief. Every woman’s body responds differently to consistent Nanopause use. Many women have reported they obtain a significant reduction in the frequency of menopausal symptoms (hot flashes, night sweats and sweating/flushing of the face) as quickly as a few days to up to four (4) weeks.

How long will the Nanopause bolero last?

When charged (fully cooled), the bolero is designed to last approximately 90 minutes. You can visually see when the bolero needs to be recharged when the majority of the cells turn from white to clear.

What does the research say about Nanopause?

A recent study by nurses reported positive, long-lasting results by wearing our bolero twice a day for one hour, morning and night. All participants of the study reported long lasting benefits throughout their day, and many even reported to have completely eliminated their hot flashes altogether.

As a self-regulated, FDA cleared cool therapy solution, Nanopause:

  • Maintains the ideal temperature for every use.
  • Gently removes excess body heat while not overcooling.
  • Provides a hormone-free solution.

Why not just use ice?

Only Nanopause may be worn without the health risks of overcooling. Where ice and gels are actually too cold, and potentially can cause health risks if worn for an extended period of time, Nanopause will safely relieve hot flashes and night sweats all day, every day.

What’s with the heart?

Nanopause was designed by women for women. It’s styled to fit the unique contours of your body and contains the heart swash as a symbol for all women. This represents how much you have cared, loved and given over years and how you are carrying that along to the next chapter of your life.

Can I use my flexible spending account?

Most flexible spending accounts (FSA) and healthcare savings accounts (HSA) will allow you to purchase our FDA-approved Nanopause bolero with pre-tax dollars. Call your insurer today to ask if Nanopause is covered by your plan.