The Nanopause Difference

The Nanopause Difference



Taking control

No two of us are alike, especially when it comes to the way we experience menopausal/hormone related symptoms.

Whether you experience hot flashes, flushing of the face and neck, night sweats or sleeplessness…know that you’re not alone.  Millions of women experience these life altering nuisances, many of which last for years.  It’s time to take control.

According to recent research: specific temperature cooling, placed strategically on the upper body, is proving to be one of the most natural and effective means to mitigate our most annoying symptoms.  A pre-programmed, constant-release of cooling temperature stimulates a woman’s bodily control mechanisms helping to soothe and calm your body.  



Immediate relief

Did you know one of the most recommended solutions to relieve hot flashes and night sweats recommended by healthcare professionals, menopause societies and the U.S. Dept. of Health is cooling?

Unlike ice or gels, Nanopause Bolero provides immediate relief by gently pulling heat away from your body.  There is no product that is faster acting than our Bolero.  Specifically designed to conform to your upper body, it provides actual therapeutic relief.



Better solution 

Not all cooling solutions are equal.  Standing in front of a fan is not convenient or practical and most of us agree ice and gelsarefar too cold, uncomfortable and unyielding.  They can quickly overcool, risking harm like frostbite.

As a self-regulated, FDA cleared cool therapy solution, our Nanopause:

  • Maintains the ideal temperature for every use.
  • Gently removes excess body heat while not overcooling.
  • Provides a hormone-free solution.
  • One-time investment that pays dividends for your comfort and health.



Long lasting relief

A recent study by nurses reported positive, long-lasting results by wearing our bolero twice a day for one hour, morning and night.  Its gentle cooling calms the sympathetic nervous system which is stressed by hormonal imbalance.  All participants of the study reported long lasting benefits throughout their day, and many even reported to have completely eliminated their hot flashes altogether.



Designed by women

Not all designs are created equal.  No one knows your body or your personal tastes like you do.  We paid special attention to both the functionality of the bolero and – the unique design. Our goal: make it comfortable and easy to use, yet stylish.

We created a fashionable pattern that conforms to the unique contours of a woman’s body, while delivering therapeutic comfort to strategic areas of the body.  Our design is no accident.  Many focus groups praised the design stating they would readily wear the bolero in public as it compliments casual wear, sweaters, jackets and office apparel.



Symbols for life

Our heart swash is symbolic for all women.  It represents how much you have cared, loved and given over years and how you are carrying that along to the next chapter of your life. Now, it’s time to embrace life and:


  • Conquer your challenges.
  • Rediscover your passions.
  • Explore your interests.
  • Prioritize yourself.



Natural and safe

Gentle cooling is one of the most natural way to manage hot flashes and night sweats whether or not you, take supplements or are on a hormonal replacement regimen. It’s latex free, non-toxic and eco-friendly.  It has an antimicrobial agent included on its smooth cooling side and is FDA cleared. 



The A.H.hhhhh effect

From the moment you put on our cooling bolero, you will just say “Ahhh..”.  Say goodbye to hot flashes and night sweats and experience your own: Ahhh… moment!

Why AHhhh…? AHhhh… represents our scientifically blended, highly refined Alkane Hydrocarbon (which therein derives the name) synthesis of heat absorbing molecules we use in Nanopause's Bolero.  Our unique characteristics comprise high energy capacity with a slow, controlled release of gentle cooling.  The harmonious benefit: a Goldilocks temperature that cools you ‘just right’, day or night. 


Only AHhhh… Gives Us This

Working the opposite of ice and gel, Nanopause may be worn without the health risks of overcooling.  Where ice and gels are actually too cold, and potentially can cause health risks if worn for an extended period of time, Nanopause will safely relieve hot flashes and night sweats all day, every day.  And, our AHhhh…blend weighs 25% less than ice or gels.  

CoolBolero cooling chart

Stimulating our bodily control mechanisms: 

No doubt we are complex biological beings.  But, as The Nanopause Bolero gently conforms to your neck and upper body, its controlled temperature is designed to effectively stimulate your bodily control mechanisms. As it gently pulls heat away from your upper body, it stimulates our sympathetic nervous system (SNS)1, one part of our autonomic nervous system. The second is our parasympathetic nervous system.  SNS continually self-regulates our homeostatic up and down bodily fluctuations we take for granted. It is best known for mediating our neuronal and hormonal stress response(s), commonly known as the fight-flight response, our SNS directly incites sweat secretion in the form of hot flashes and night sweats.

Another integral bodily control mechanism is our hypothalamus2 which plays an important role in linking our nervous system and endocrine system via our pituitary gland.  Our hypothalamus is responsible for certain metabolic processes and related autonomic nervous system functions, primarily controlling body temperature.

The benefits of our specific temperature cooling, which optimally stimulates our SNS, is hypothesized to link our endocrine system, which controls the decrease of estrogen during menopause. This connection provides us a basic level to maintain homeostasis, or an overall calming of our nervous system, leading to reducing hot flashes, night sweats and sleeplessness.





The savings quotient

A key financial advantage for purchasing the Nanopause, is that you only have to purchase it one time. The bolero is designed to be durable and last month after month and stand up to daily wear. The alkane blend will never wear out.

In comparison, you will need to purchase nutritional supplements and hormonal replacement therapy on a monthly basis. We know menopause symptoms can last for years. The monthly purchase can add up and become expensive.

The Nanopause savings quotient eliminates the need for monthly purchases.

CoolBolero cost savings over hormone replacement therapy

Note: Menopausal symptoms vary from woman to woman.  The duration of menopausal symptoms vary typically between 1 and 4 years.

1Cost estimates nutritional supplements were based on national brands May, 2016

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2HRT medication costs only as of May, 2016 (excludes costs associated with doctor visit/blood tests).  Helper Health:    Good Rx: nt